Monday, April 21, 2008

They Were Busy In The Rows

Here is my vegetable garden. I am very excited about it and we have been completely on top of the watering and miscellaneous garden tending. Granted, the garden hasn't even been in place for 48 hours, but I am confident I can make this work. La Luz and I have already eaten almost half of the basil leaves, but that's okay because more will grow soon.

They revived the gardenia plant and it really looks like it is going to bloom this year. Wow. Gardenias are possibly my favorite. I hate that the flowers turn brown so fast, but when they first bloom the smell is incredible.

This is a shot of the green pepper, yellow pepper, roma tomato, banana pepper, creole tomato and beefsteak tomato plants:

This is a shot of the cucumber and two other types of tomato plants. We eat a TON of tomatoes in this house. One of my favorite snacks is a tomato cut up with sea salt and cracked pepper. The satsuma tree is just to the left. We probably won't get much fruit this fall, but by next fall there should be plenty.

The only remaining vegetable to plant is the radish. Papa-T showed me exactly where to plant it so it should be a simple task.

The gardeners, resting at last

I will keep you posted on the progress.


Scarlet said...

At our house in Baton Rouge, we had 2 big gardenia bushes next to the back porch, and the smell of them was the only thing that could comfort me, and get my mind off studying for exams.

catherine said...

YAY! i love it. thanks, cuz, for posting pics. love to y'all

catherine said...

ps it looks totally awesome! xoxo

TOITA said...

I am jealous! you will have Gardenias (my favorite flower indeed!) in your own place...Awesome!!! Once you start gardening is really very good for you to stop on the daily routine...I do so, and I love it..I can help you next time I`m there..I do have some plants at home and growing trees...