Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Just A Few Thoughts

Things are getting a bit hectic around here and will be for the next few days. There is plenty going on so there probably won't be too many posts for the next few days. I am off to Richmond for a quick work-related trip and hope, maybe, to find a few free hour to visit Sarah and Cheairs. I am particularly interested in seeing Cheairs' urban vegetable garden - it sounds sort of mind-boggling. And while I am on the subject of gardening, here is a picture of the lantana growing in front of our house:

Christian hacked it back a few months ago and I almost cried fearing that he had destroyed it. Quite the contrary, the lantana looks better than any lantana I have ever seen anywhere and the butterflies love it. Christian specifically landscaped the front yard with butterfly-attracting plants, just to provide some entertainment for La Luz.

Here are a few pictures of La Luz on the porch, waiting to catch a glimpse of some butterflies.


Scarlet said...

Nice dress! :)

Anonymous said...

The lantana looks beautiful! such a pretty color too. My Buttercup will have a ball watching for the butterflies.......