Monday, April 14, 2008

The Force Is Strong With This One

I think the Star Wars obsession is a little weird and has started a bit on the early side. La Luz isn't even three after all. Her new favorite toys are the Yoda and Princess Leia figurines that Christian scrubbed about three times after rescuing them (and about 50 other figures) from our flooded house after Hurricane Katrina. Since La Luz no longer puts things in her mouth as a reflex and because I watched Christian soak and scrub the toys I really don't have a problem with La Luz actually playing with these things. I remember Christian was totally bummed out when all of these figures (most of which were still in their original packaging) were destroyed during the hurricane so I am glad that at least some good can come of it.

I also have Star Wars to thank for La Luz latest, favorite hairstyle. She refuses to let me put her hair in pony tails unless I bribe her but she actually asks for Princess Leia buns. I love getting her hair our of her face and she loves pretending to be Leia.


Anonymous said...

I was so lucky when Christian started preschool, his teacher just happened to have her hair in 2 buns on the first day of school, no tears from him, but I was sobbing-now that teacher was smart and cool to do that especially where the Star War movies were big at that time.

TOITA said...

Hahaha! i knew we have a young skywalker among us!! I remember those figurines as the Dude`s most spelcial things on the computer room....I have to say that I share his Star Wars I am more than thrilled to see Young Lucy like Princess leia...hehehe! Yes we are weird!!
No we have to wait and see what happens when she discover Frodo and The Shire...hehehehehe!