Sunday, April 06, 2008

There Is Such A Place

I am glad to be home. My trip was okay but I missed Christian and La Luz terribly and, on my way back to NOLA on Friday, I got caught up in one of the worst thunderstorms and airport nightmares ever. I will spare you the details since everyone has a story about missed flights, unhelpful airline personnel, irate Germans, and overnight stays on airport concourses. All of the stories are remarkably similar. Suffice it to say, the trip to Virginia was much easier than the trip home. To make matters worse, while I was stuck in Charlotte, Christian was stuck in Atlanta on his way home from Myrtle Beach.

We managed to make it to Thibodaux in time for the party for Jonathan and Jennifer on Saturday. It was a beautiful day for a party outside. I have some great pictures and will try to post them over at banosfamilia at some point this week. La Luz particularly enjoyed dancing to the sounds of Danny T, the seemingly stoned, one man Cajun band. I think you have to be stoned to do what he does. I guess the best way to describe just how bizarre this man's set up is is to say that it involves an ironing board. I would post a picture but I didn't get his permission. Here's La Luz getting her Fais Do Do on:

The past two days were spent much like this

and this

Off to Lafayette for a hearing tomorrow morning and then I think it will be back to the usual routine around here...looking forward to it.


Scarlet said...

Danny T sounds frankly dreamy to me....

TOITA said...

Don`t even make ma start on airport nights! ha! poor you..I can totally imagine how it was...
Anyway, the pics of Thib. are sooo nice!!! I`m glad you spent a nice week end over there!
My lucy girl is prettier by the day!!

miss you guys!


Kitty Brown said...

The dollhouse looks great! Tucker also had a horrific flight home on Friday from San Diego -- it was not a great day to be flying. Glad you made it home safely.