Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom & Pop

Tonight we celebrated mom and pop's 37th anniversary with a delicious dinner at GG and Papa George's house. Wow. 37 years...that is a long time. Congratulations and thanks for being such a beautiful example.

La Luz was in rare form tonight. She was particularly hyper. While we were at GG's she did her usual laps around the sun porch. Tonight she added a few new tricks, including climbing under the table and pretending to be a cat (that acted and sounded much more like a baby). She really didn't stop talking until I finally put her in bed and turned the light off.

Here is a picture of La Luz and Christian watching Return of the Jedi earlier today. Mesmerizing. Clearly the Star Wars obsession is not some passing fancy:


TOITA said...

37 years! thats almos all my life!! Congrats from here!!!
I can`t wait to go see you all and spend time watching the trilogy with my Lucy girl! hahaha! it is so funny...!


Scarlet said...


ummmhello said...

Whoa, 37 years!? That's wonderful.

Nope, not a passing phase. The forse is strong with this one.