Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where Rocking Horse People Eat Marshmallow Pies

La Luz and Christian had a jam session earlier tonight. They are practicing all of their Beatles favorites. I am not exactly sure what they are practicing for, maybe Nana and Papa-T's visit this weekend.

Christian found a bunch of very interesting videos on You Tube. The most disturbing one, by far, is the one he found for Piggies. It is all about an abattoir. Somehow La Luz managed to find the joy in it. I supposed it is much in the same way she screams with delight when Darth Vadar is on screen or in the way that she always asks to be the evil stepmother when we play Cinderella. I have always sided with the good guys, the ones fighting the good fight, without exception. It is interesting to watch La Luz's personality unfold and to see just how much and in what ways her personality deviates from mine. Taking up for the bad guy is out of the question as far as I am's just not in my nature, but I suppose someone has to do it.


Dumuro said...

See Please Here

TOITA said...

hahahaha! i can`t wait for you to record such big concert!!! I think it`s worth a video post next session!!! hehehe!



Scarlet said...

Wait 'til she sees "The Revenge of the Sith" -- she'll be as heartbroken as we all were that Anakin turned bad. I think Lucy Bug realizes that Darth is good at his heart.